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Danish Infomedia goes international with new acquisitions

Infomedia has just purchased the Norwegian technology unit, Opoint Technology, and thus becomes the world leader in media monitoring of online news content. The purchase includes Opoint’s web crawler technology, a global online news archive, +70 international media surveillance customers and a team of employees in Oslo and Chennai (India).

Digital transformation and new start-up culture have enabled growth ambitions

Infomedia has carried out an ambitious digital transformation project in recent years.

“Our traditional media monitoring business based on daily product deliveries had been under pressure,   says CEO. Thomas Vejlemand and continues:

“New consumption has exploded in recent years, and new digital media channels are gaining momentum with our customers for ongoing analyzes and insights in their communications and branding.”

Infomedia has transformed itself from offering traditional media monitoring of print media, today being a media intelligence company with strong media monitoring, media analysis and insight skills across the entire media image, both print, online, radio, television and of course social media.

»The acquisition of Opoint Technology is an important milestone. Infomedia is now the global leader in web crawling of online news and we can develop some brand new digital products, including intensifying cooperation with our global media in the form of Talkwalker and Hootsuite social media, “says CEO. Thomas Vejlemand.

With the new acquisition of Opoint Technology, Infomedia will provide surveillance to customers from all over the world – from Europe, across Asia to the United States.

Nine start-up mentality and positive business is the driving force

Infomedia has in recent years carried out extensive investments in new competencies and technologies as well as in data science. These investments have just been made in order not only to equip Infomedia for the future, but also to accommodate growth ambitions.

“Our investments in recent years have increased profitability, which now results in a positive development of the business. But it is especially the newly established start-up attitude in the organization that drives our innovation and growth – an attitude that now means that we also become the market leader in media monitoring of global media content, “says the CEO.

Acquisitions provide a new global foothold in online media content

The acquisition also means that Infomedia as a pendant to the Danish media archive can offer their customers access to five billion new web articles. Just the increase in data sources, see Infomedias CEO. Thomas Vejlemand as another exciting opportunity for the business. He says:

»The acquisition of an online news archive, as well as the crawling of data from the approx. 150,000 most leading online sources globally will provide some really interesting opportunities for our data science team. This extra data base will mean that we can find new communication insights both locally and internationally, which we consider to be a crucial factor for our customers in both top management, communications, marketing and sales. ”

The acquisition of Opoint Technology was completed on February 15, 2018.

About Opoint Technology
Up to 15 February 2018, Opoint Technology was a business unit owned by the Finnish company M-brain. Opoint Technology’s business includes a market-leading web crawler platform that offers global monitoring of over 150,000 leading online media, a global web archive, +70 international media surveillance customers and employees in Oslo and Chennai.

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