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Media Monitor BETA

Thanks for joining the BETA version of Infomedia’s new monitoring web app, Media Monitor. The overall goal with the new media monitor is to provide users with a simpler, more user friendly and fast overview of their media monitoring.

The major new feature compared to our existing monitor web app, Insight, is that you are able to view all monitoring mails you have received in the past right in your browser. In addition to this, you will also be able to view all your profiles and folders (formerly known as Collections).

It is important to stress that this being a BETA release, which is still under development, you might experience some issues with the functionality which do not behave as expected or intended.

In case you find something out of the ordinary or just have valuable input, we urge you to use the feedback button and send us an email detailing your findings. This helps us find any bugs or quirks more quickly and improve functionality and usability to end users. You can find the feedback button in the left-hand menu in Media Monitor.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using Media Monitor BETA!

Thanks again for taking the time to help us improve our new media monitor web app. Below is a list of already known issues and planned features as well as a changelog.

To give us feedback, please use the feedback button in Media Monitor BETA displayed above.


  • Mail Channel (Mailkanal) in the Email archive displays an internal channel name rather than the customer display name shown in the Subject of monitoring mails
  • Currently, Media Monitor displays a shorter (and sometimes different) article excerpt/summary in the email archive compared to the daily monitoring mails
  • On single article view, if the same article hits several profiles, highlights from all profiles are shown
  • Favorites button on single article view does not work properly – using the Favorites button on the article list does work, however.
  • Zoom on Original article view – it is currently not possible to zoom in or out on PDF’s of print media
  • Print media thumbnails on single article view do not link to Original article view
  • Unable to print several articles – sometimes, nothing happens when trying to print more than one article from the article list
  • You are not able to create new or edit/remove existing folders in Folders (Collections)
  • Sometimes, too many similar mentions are displayed beneath main articles
  • On mobile, there can be issues with accessing the menu, primarily on iPhones


  • Change the user setting in Insight for links in monitoring mails to open in Media Monitor
  • Share button to share one or multiple articles with colleagues
  • Media player to view and listen to television and radio clips
  • Select English as default language
  • Save to a new folder – when saving an article to a folder you will be able to create a new folder to save the article(s) to directly
  • Save/combine articles (print) to a PDF


Version 0.8.0  (current) / Released 23-01-2019

Added/fixed in this version:

  • Anchor links to profile headings in the Table of Contents in the email archive
  • Total number of articles sent in the monitoring mail
  • Total number of articles in each profile
  • Bruger mapper / User folder renamed to Gemte artikler / Saved articles
  • Vælg ingen renamed to Fravælg alle
  • Date picker in email archive menu starts on Monday
  • Login issue

Version 0.7.1 / Released 14-01-2019

This version fixes:

  • Main menu on mobile not closing when choosing an option
  • User can not open the email archive by date selection
  • Articles time jumps when fetching more articles
  • Filters not working properly
  • App crashing due to missing summary article icon

Version 0.7.0 / Released 10-01-2019

  • Resolved infinite-loop when logging in for certain users

Version 0.6.0  / Released 09-01-2019

  • Media Monitor opened for Beta testers


10-01-2019 11:30

  • Problems with login for certain users solved and Media Monitor is operational again.

10-01-2019 10:15

  • Problems after logging in to Media Monitor BETA – the page keeps loading indefinitely – our developers are looking into the problem right now and expect it to be solved later today, 10-01-2019
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