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Are you our new C# Backend developer?

We believe that communication changes the world and that technology is a key part of changing the way we communicate.

Infomedia is a technology driven media intelligence agency and we’re looking for a cool, calm and collected individual to drive development on our 200+ micro services and web apps and 350+ virtual servers , as we reach towards our goal of changing the way professionals in the Nordics work with media and technology.

Infomedia has offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Our new Backend Developer will be a part of our largest office in the center of Copenhagen – right next to the Round Tower. The office is running 24/7 as we have dedicated Infomedians (yes, we call ourselves that sometimes) working at all hours round the clock to keep up with the constant inflow of data. The vibe is professional, casual and has a distinct social element, that both our employees and our partners point out as a unique trade. We put emphasis on interpersonal understanding and flexibility, which means that there is time for deep focus and professional growth through competency development, but also brainstorming, spit balling, 1-1’s with colleagues and Friday bars.

Infomedia process over 6 million articles per year, which we comprise into impactful tools for our clients. The media intelligence sphere changes as fast as technology advances, therefore we are reliant on staying on top of trends, exploring new technologies and adapting constantly. That’s why we need you.

We think you’ll fit in perfectly, if you believe in:

  • The agile principles
  • Perfection is achieved in iterations
  • TDD is the way to go
  • Open-mindedness and teamwork
  • Big Data can change the world

In terms of skills, we’d like you to be familiar with:

  • The agile principles
  • .Net Core
  • Docker
  • REST API’s
  • Entity Framework Core

What we offer:

A key role in our tech development team, where you are a part of shaping both the projects you are a part of and the overall strategy for development in Infomedia. The role comes with a great deal of autonomy, so there’s room for thinking up innovative project and for deep focus on specific projects and tasks. You’ll be a part of a professionally strong team including Scrum Masters, dedicated software testers and capable frontend and backend developers. We work towards challenging the status quo with projects that are innovative, exiting and profitable for our partners, our clients and ourselves through agile processes.


Technologies we like:

Solr, RabbitMQ (AMQP), Python, Tensorflow, Kubernetes, Docker, .Net core, React Native, functional programming, Redis, Mongo, SQL, Git, CI, CD, NoSql, GraphQL*

* You don’t need to rule them all, but it’s definitely an advantage if you do!


I look forward to hearing from you.

/Claus Lindquist Henriksen, Head of IT Development, Infomedia,

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