Are you our new C# Backend developer?

We need to expand our C# backend Tech-team and are looking for skilled, new colleagues who fit the following profile.


Who is Infomedia?

Infomedia is market leading in collecting, analyzing, enriching and distributing Danish, Nordic and international media-content. We provide relevant insights into the effects of communication and enable our clients to make the right strategic communicative decisions – thus changing their market position one message at a time.


Who are we?

Behind all strategic decisions and innovative thoughts that strengthens Infomedia’s agility, stands our tech-team ready to translate those ideas into reality.


Infomedia’s Tech-team is the backbone in the future vision of Infomedia. We are the ones who must secure that our clients always receive the best possible quality of data and insights. We own and develop on one of the world’s leading web-crawling technologies (Opoint Technology) and we enjoy partnerships with other world leading tech companies - each of them being in the forefront of their fields; SalesForce, HootSuite, Talkwalker.


We always strive to learn and know the latest technologies and processes that can improve and support our business. Therefore, we dedicate time for experimenting and learning new technologies as part of our daily work. We encourage and support our colleague’s further development with educational courses to ensure both the teams and the individual teammate’s professional development.


As a team, we make it a virtue to challenge the status quo, both within our team as well as the business as a whole. We do this, because we believe that the best way to achieve the optimal results and the best possible deliveries for our clients is by always challenging ourselves.


If you join our team, you will experience:

  • Freedom with responsibility
  • Focus on innovation and quality
  • Time to experiment with technologies
  • Intellectual diversity and daily sparring
  • Time for fun and games

Who are you?

You think C# and love design patterns. You are a SOLID person and not afraid to challenge our solutions and technologies to solve the problem domains. Together with us you will be working on projects that allow us to deliver new products but also continuously refining existing systems and services.


We are a small ambitious team and hence will not be confined in a single part of our infrastructure – we encourage our developers to gain a broad platform knowledge and discourage knowledge silos.

We know we are looking for a very broad skillset and properly cannot get it all in one package, but if can you can say ‘yes’ to at least 5 of the competencies below we would be glad to welcome you to our team.

  • You have worked for 1-5 years as a professional C# developer
  • REST api’s, ASP.NET core is second nature for you
  • You love design patterns and SOLID is something you practice
  • You are pragmatic by nature. You know that to reach our goal in an Agile project, perfection is achieved in iterations
  • Testing – you love it. Regression – You hate it. TDD is a great approach to ensure our codebase and you know how to do it
  • You have professional working experience with cloud services like Azure, GCP etc.
  • You are used to writing SQL and know how to analyze DB performance, optimizing queries etc. You are not a DB administrator, but you know your way around a SQL database
  • You have worked with message queues (AMQP) and micro services are second nature to you
  • Search engines – love them. You know your way around SOLR and can help us optimize and maintain it
  • If you have worked with other programming languages in a professional capacity, i.e. F#, R, Python, Scala etc. then that is a plus.


A quick tech tagwall: Solr, RabbitMq (AMQP), servicefabric, Kubernetes, Docker, net core, functional programming, Redis, Mongo, Sql, Git, CI, CD, WebAPI, NoSql, GraphQL, AI, Ml, BigData


CV and application

If you have the courage to join our ambitious team in a dynamic company then we would very much like to hear from you. Send us your application, and please attach your CV as well as links to cool stuff you would like to share (github etc.).


You can send you application directly to our CTO, Thomas Blitz at and if you have questions about the position feel free to write directly to Thomas.